Hihi, and welcome to The Neurodiverse Universe :)

Here in the Neuro-D 'Verse we celebrate and embrace neurodivergence.
Because to us, bed of roses or not, it's AWESOME.

It's early days in our journey and the very first resource packs are just a scroll down the page. 🡇

Our Simple Mission, Visualised:

This is our mission: 
Make it easy to embrace and tackle challenges, improve self-esteem, and learn about neurodiversity and the brain - by having fun!

Understanding difference, makes ALL the difference.

Pack One, below, is full of engaging, inexpensive and simple to implement activities and resources to empower young minds.
Designed with all educators in mind, this first pack covers 5 essential topics in 4 bundles, incorporating 7 different learning styles.
Two bundles are ready to download now.:) 🡇

Coming super soon!

The next two bundles from pack one:
  • Neurotransmitters Bundle
  • Incredible Triune Brain 
And educator affiliate links on all products, earning 25% per sale :)


Using art and neuroscience to change people's minds about behaviour.