Design Your Brain Diverse Intelligences A3 posters by JuliaArts Julia

Design Your Brain Diverse Intelligences A3 posters


*Without pre-placing words and definitions on specific intelligences and strengths, this pack encourages exploration of self and others.
*Explore, embrace and express some of the many different strengths, and intelligences which are outside usual academic 'scores'.
*Help young people explore their talents, values, and personal motivations.
*Explore neurodiversity and neuroplasticity. by considering designing our own brain and exploring ways to strengthen the abilities we would like to.
*Foster growth mindset
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16 different A3 printable strengths/intelligences posters for inspiration and celebration. including intelligences such as emotional, mathematical/logical, artistic, physical/athletic, musical, spoken/written language, and life skills such as understanding people and giving perfect gifts, being a helper, organisational/tidiness skills. 3 Bonus posters including 'A Brain Full of Passions', and 16 'Bobble Heads' with diverse intelligence colour coded heads.

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