Design Your Brain Invitation and Templates by Julia-Marie Harris

Design Your Brain Invitation and Templates


*Without pre-placing words and definitions on specific intelligences and strengths, this pack encourages exploration of self and others.
*Explore, embrace and express some of the many different strengths, and intelligences which are outside usual academic 'scores'.
*Help young people explore their talents, values, and personal motivations.
*Explore neurodiversity and neuroplasticity. by considering designing our own brain and exploring ways to strengthen the abilities we would like to.
*Foster growth mindset
Sample Licence

A whole mini pack in it's own right. Printables inc: 3 A4 Inspiration posters including 'Brain Full of Passions', A4 plain and word cloud brain templates to design, doodle and write about your brain, colour and black and white mini print outs of 16 example types of intelligence/strengths. postcard size brain templates for smaller/quicker exploring, 2 brain outline/diagrams to trace if desired

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