Using art, fun and neuroscience to change minds about behaviour.


A neurodivergent (ADHD+) mum of two neurodivergent/not-so-typical sons. I am an artist, and children's entertainer, and also a neurodiversity mentor, educator and trainer at Complex Strengths.
I have about 30 years experience specialising in ‘behaviours that challenge’ and neurodivergence both professionally and personally. And if you count me just being me (which is an endless explosion of experience) 50 years❣ :D

The Neurodiverse Universe store has been born out of an active dream to help support the development of the UK as a:
Neurodiversity informed, neurodivergence positive culture.
It is part of the Complex Strengths social enterprise donating 50% of profits to achieving that aim and providing support and resources where needed by individuals, schools, and the community.

With the unpredictable changing state of play over the last few months due to Covid, this dream has rapidly evolved to overcome the barriers as they have appeared.
You can still explore the history of this journey through these pages if you would like to know more:
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and fundraising story
The Painted Umbrella Group
and fundraising story

Or jump straight to the resources we have available now ❣ 🡇